Can you believe we’re starting another year of Scouting?

Some dens have already met, others will be soon.

You won’t believe the events we have planned this year.

We’ll have our annual popcorn sale, two family campouts, a heritage night, service projects, the Presidents’ Day parade, God and Me programs, STEM Nova, Blue & Gold, and of course PINE WOOD DERBY!

And while that all seems like a lot of fun adventures and activities, we’re going to be planning more.

The adult leaders hope the boys have fun and learn a lot during the next 10 months!

So, get ready to have some fun.

Looking back at the past summer, we’ve had camps, a trip to the Capital Wheel, dinner with jousting at Medieval Times, and a campout on the field at a Potomac Nationals game.

Check out our calendar for a schedule of activities and our Facebook page for photos and announcements.

Pack 867